String Theory & Quantum Gravity

Perhaps the greatest challenge of modern theoretical physics is the quantization of the gravitational field. A consistent theory of quantum gravity seems to be required to answer questions about the early universe and the nature of black holes. A few Candidate Theories have been advanced in the course of the most recent decades. From one perspective, Superstring Theory and Super Gravity go for a unification of gravity with the other key cooperation, and have their origins in QFT. Then again, non-perturbative methodologies, for example, Loop Quantum Gravity, Spin Foams and Group Field Theory continue from essential standards of General Relativity (GR). The first core area concerns the underlying structures and symmetries of these different theories, with the aim of distilling the crucial physical and mathematical objects for the correct formulation of quantum gravity. Among the endeavors to bring together quantum theory and gravity, string theory has attracted the most attention. Its premise is simple: Everything is made of tiny strings. The strings may be closed unto themselves or have loose ends; they can vibrate, stretch, join or split. Furthermore, in these complex appearances lay the clarifications for all wonders we watch, both matter and space-time included.

  • String Duality Below Ten Dimensions
  • Superstring Revolutions
  • String Theory Landscape
  • RNS Formalism
  • Nonlinear sigma model

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